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Your Relationship with Book Luxury Boat

Your utilization of Book Luxury Boat’s array of offerings, including our website, mobile applications, products, and services (collectively, “Services”), is governed by this Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”). Book Luxury Boat, also known as “us,” “we,” or “our.” If you engage with the Services on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity, “you” represents that entity, affirming that you possess the authority to bind the entity to these terms. By accessing our Services, you consent to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth herein, along with our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference into these Terms. Should you disagree with any part of the Terms, you are not permitted to use the Services offered by Book Luxury Boat.

You signify your acceptance of the Terms by either: (i) clicking to acknowledge agreement where this option is presented by Book Luxury Boat in any service interface, or (ii) actively using the Services. In the latter case, it is understood that your use represents your agreement to the Terms from that moment forward.

Book Luxury Boat reserves the right to amend, modify, add, or remove portions of the Terms at any time, at our discretion. It is advised that you review the Services and Terms regularly for updates. Continuing to use the Services after updates to the Terms have been posted indicates your acceptance of those changes.

Book Luxury Boat as a Platform

Book Luxury Boat serves solely as a platform, facilitating connections between renters (“Renters”) and boat owners (“Members”)—collectively referred to as “Users”—to browse, list, and facilitate boat rentals. Book Luxury Boat does not engage in any rental agreement or transaction between Renters and Members directly. Though we may offer tools to aid in bookings, such as enabling a Renter to arrange a boat rental directly from a Member or providing payment services, Book Luxury Boat does not oversee or guarantee the accuracy, quality, safety, or legality of the content, boats, or transactions facilitated through our platform. The responsibility for any aspect of the transactions, including compliance with applicable laws, boat condition, and ensuring legal and safety standards are met, falls entirely on the Users. Members, in particular, are responsible for ensuring their boats meet all necessary legal requirements and are presented in a condition that is safe and satisfactory for Renters, who in turn must ensure the boat meets their needs and comply with all cleaning protocols provided.

Independent Agreements and Waivers Users acknowledge that prior to booking or purchasing any service or product, it is necessary to enter into a distinct agreement or waiver directly with the Member or Renter involved. These individual agreements or waivers may impose further limitations on your booking, product, or service. Control over any such agreements or waivers related to boat rentals or associated services resides entirely with the Member or service provider and the Renter.

Release and Indemnification Should a dispute arise between a Renter and a Member, both parties agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Book Luxury Boat and its directors, officers, agents, and employees (collectively, “Book Luxury Boat Parties”) from any claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, fines, penalties, and other costs or expenses, including reasonable legal and accounting fees (“Claims”), that may arise from such disputes. This includes disputes related to breaches of this Agreement, any individual agreements or transactions, and/or issues regarding rental unit substitution. Moreover, both Member and Renter agree to indemnify and hold the Book Luxury Boat Parties harmless from any claims resulting from (1) breach of these Terms, (2) any law or third-party rights violation, and (3) the use of the Services.

Insurance Book Luxury Boat does not partake in any insurance contracts offered via links to third-party insurance providers on the Services, nor does it represent any insurer, broker, agent, insured, or claimant in such arrangements. Insurance coverage might be secured through an independent third-party insurance producer unaffiliated with Book Luxury Boat. We do not serve as an insurance broker, agent, or consultant, nor do we endorse or recommend any specific insurer or insurance coverage terms.  Book Luxury Boat does not influence or guarantee the coverage provided by any third-party insurance provider. You agree that Book Luxury Boat bears no responsibility or liability for any claims or disputes arising from an insurance contract facilitated through our Services, nor will Book Luxury Boat be considered a party to such claims or disputes.

When booking your Boat charter, you have two payment options: you can either choose to pay a partial payment or the full amount of your charter upfront. If you opt for partial payment during booking, the remaining balance of the charter will be due on the day of boarding. Please ensure that the total payment is settled by this time to avoid any potential cancellation of the charter.

Note: We would like to clarify that the amount you are authorizing is a deposit to confirm the slot, and it will be held on a soft hold. This means that it is not an actual charge, but rather a temporary hold on your funds. You can pay the full balance at the time of boarding, or you can choose to have the deposit deducted and pay the remaining balance.

Additionally, after completing the booking process, we kindly request both you and your guests to fill out a guest registration form. This measure is taken to ensure the utmost privacy and security for your charter experience. By having all guests registered in advance, we can guarantee that only individuals from the guest list will be allowed to board the yacht. This not only enhances your privacy but also enables us to align our resources efficiently, ensuring an impeccable and personalized service for you and your guests throughout the charter.

Driving License Verification

  1. The booking person must possess a valid and unrestricted driving license issued by the appropriate governmental authority.
  2. The booking person must present a copy of their valid driving license to our executive for verification purposes. The driving license should clearly display the Renter’s name, photograph, date of birth, and license number.
  3. The booking person understands and agrees that failure to provide a valid driving license for verification may result in the cancellation of the rental reservation without any refund or compensation.

Bookings are 3 or 4 hours minimum and can be extended for up to 2 more hours pending availability.

We employ rigorous cleaning procedures to protect our guests. To ensure a smooth transition and cleaning protocols, we must arrive back at the departure dock by the time cited as the end of your booking. This means the captain will announce his intention to return to shore about 30 minutes before the end of your charter to arrive in a timely manner and to give you time to gather your belongings before you disembark. You can be assured that our departures are always on time to maximize your time on the water.

All cancellations must be made in writing and received prior to the departure date and will be effective on the date we receive them. The cancellation charges are payable as follows:

Refund Policy Based on Cancellation Timing:

  • 28 Days Before the Event: Eligible for a full refund (100%).
  • 21 Days Before the Event: Eligible for a 75% refund.
  • 14 Days Before the Event: Eligible for a 50% refund.
  • 7 Days Before the Event: Eligible for a 25% refund.
  • Within 7 Days of the Event: No refunds will be issued.

Weather and Unforeseen Circumstances:

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions, we are committed to accommodating our clients by rescheduling the event to the next available date.
  • The decision to sail under uncertain weather conditions will be made by the captain. Ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew is our utmost priority.

Policy Notice
Changes to your Booking

Book Luxury Boat will always try to arrange alterations, such as extensions or time changes, that you may request after the charter booking is formed but may have to charge an administration fee. If no alternative can be arranged the original booking is legally binding and will stand.

Date changes are only allowed in case of hazardous weather on the same day of the booking.

Pricing, Exchange Rate and Government Fee Changes

We reserve the right to vary the price of any charter should we consider it necessary through a fluctuation in exchange rates or changes in taxes or other government fees, although no changes will be made within 7 days of departure. Only increased costs caused by government action will be passed on after this time.

Responsibility: Safety Measures and Obligations

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damages caused to you as a result of the negligence or default of ourselves or any persons directly employed by us.

The agreement is entered into on the mutual understanding that we will not be responsible for delays, loss or damage including inconvenience or disruptions caused by the acts or defaults of independent parties, or by ‘force majeure” events including the following:

• Travel – we accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any reasons of delay, cancellation or any loss, damage or inconvenience, frustration, annoyance and disappointment, or distress consequent thereon whether caused by the fault of a carrier concerned or by reasons beyond your control.

• Charter yachts – in the very rare event that you are not provided on arrival at your destination with the yacht that you have reserved, you will, wherever possible, be given an alternative. Should this be significantly inferior to that originally reserved, we will take reasonable steps to secure a refund of an appropriate part of the charter price.

The Renter(s) agree to comply with the following safety measures and obligations throughout the rental period:

  1. Life Jackets: The Renter(s) acknowledge that the use of life jackets is mandatory for all individuals on board, including passengers of all ages. It is the responsibility of the Renter(s) to ensure that all passengers wear their life jackets when on deck or in an open area of the vessel.
  2. Safe Operation: The Renter(s) understand that only boat captain or individuals who possess the necessary skills and competence shall operate the rented vessel. The Renter(s) agree to operate the vessel safely and responsibly, adhering to all applicable laws, regulations, and navigational guidelines. Intoxication or operating the vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  3. Weather Conditions: The Renter(s) shall monitor weather conditions prior to and during the rental period. It is their responsibility to exercise good judgment and avoid operating the vessel in inclement weather or unsafe sea conditions. In case of adverse weather conditions, the Renter(s) shall follow the instructions provided by Book Luxury Boat regarding potential delays, changes, or cancellations.
  4. Emergency Equipment: The Renter(s) agree to familiarize themselves with the location and proper use of all emergency equipment on board the vessel, including but not limited to fire extinguishers, distress signals, first aid kits, and safety rafts. The Renter(s) shall ensure that all equipment is in good working condition and readily accessible throughout the rental period.
  5. Vessel Limitations: The Renter(s) acknowledge that each vessel has specific limitations and capacities outlined by the manufacturer and regulatory authorities. The Renter(s) agree not to exceed these limitations and to operate the vessel within its designated capabilities, including passenger capacity, weight restrictions, and speed limits.
  6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: The Renter(s) shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and maritime rules during the rental period. This includes, but is not limited to, navigation rules, local ordinances, fishing regulations, and environmental protection measures.
  7. Indemnification: The Renter(s) shall indemnify and hold Book Luxury Boat harmless from any liability, claims, damages, or expenses arising from their failure to comply with the safety measures and obligations outlined above.

Guidelines for Using Our Services

Conditions for Service Use By using our Services, you affirm and guarantee that:


  1. Legal Obligation: You have the authority to enter into binding agreements.
  2. Compliance with Terms: Your use of the Services will be in strict adherence to these Terms.
  3. Legitimate Use: The Services will be used solely for posting or viewing boat rentals, or conducting legitimate boat rental transactions, either on your own behalf or for someone you’re legally representing.
  4. Informing Others: You’ll inform any other individuals involved in the rental about the applicable terms, conditions, laws, regulations, and restrictions.
  5. Responsibility for Others: If booking for someone else, you take full responsibility for ensuring they are included in any relevant rental agreements.
  6. Accuracy of Information: All information you provide will be truthful, complete, and up-to-date.
  7. Account Security: You’ll protect the security of your account information.
  8. Legal Compliance: You will comply with all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to boat operation, maintenance, rental, or charter.
  9. Ownership Verification: If listing a boat, you confirm that you are the owner or are authorized to act on the owner’s behalf.

Your account is personal to you and should not be shared or transferred. Users must be at least 18 years old and comply with any jurisdictional age restrictions for using our Services or entering into agreements.

Prohibited Activities Sharing direct contact information to circumvent our platform is forbidden. We reserve the right to monitor and restrict any content that attempts to bypass our Services or violates our terms, leading to potential account suspension or removal.

Lawful Use Only You commit to using the Services exclusively for lawful purposes.

Account Security We regard anyone accessing your account with your credentials as you and will hold you accountable for their actions. Therefore, keep your login details confidential and alert us immediately if you suspect unauthorized access to your account.


Guidelines for Service Use

The content, data, and infrastructure of Book Luxury Boat’s Services, including but not limited to the pricing and availability of boats in our inventory, are the exclusive property of Book Luxury Boat, our licensors, and our partners. While you are permitted to make limited copies of booking documentation for boat rentals secured via our Services, you are prohibited from altering, copying, distributing, displaying, performing, reproducing, publishing, licensing, creating derivative works from, transferring, or selling any information, software, content, products, or services acquired from or through our Services. Furthermore, you agree not to:

  • Use the Services or its content for commercial endeavors without our explicit written consent.
  • Upload or transmit any content that infringes on copyrights, is obscene, threatening, defamatory, unlawful, harmful to minors, or violates privacy rights.
  • Introduce software viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other malicious code that may damage or interfere with the Services.
  • Disrupt or interfere with the operational integrity of the Services or the data it contains.
  • Attempt unauthorized access to the Services, related systems, or networks.
  • Engage in any speculative, false, or fraudulent bookings or make reservations in anticipation of demand.
  • Use automated or manual processes to monitor or copy the Services’ content without our express written permission.
  • Ignore or bypass restrictions set by our Services designed to prevent or limit access.
  • Place undue burden on the infrastructure of Book Luxury Boat.
  • Deep-link to any part of the Services for any purpose without our explicit written consent.
  • Incorporate any portion of the Services into another website or service without our prior written approval.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You fully acknowledge and accept that the Services are provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis, without any form of warranty. Book Luxury Boat, along with its officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, and suppliers, categorically denies all warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of title, merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose. There is no guarantee from Book Luxury Boat or its associated personnel that the service operations will be uninterrupted, error-free, or secure against breaches.

Book Luxury Boat and its affiliated entities do not assure or guarantee that:

  • The information submitted by Renters or Members is accurate or true,
  • Boat rentals will be available as per the advertised schedule, location, or price, including those confirmed or prepaid,
  • The boats will adhere to legal or safety standards,
  • The Services will fulfill your personal requirements or expectations,
  • The usage of the Services will be continuous, timely, secure, or free from errors,
  • Any information you receive through using the Services will be reliable or accurate, or
  • Any faults in the software made available to you as part of the Services will be corrected.

It’s important to note that certain jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, meaning the aforementioned disclaimers may not apply to you in those regions.

Restriction of Liability

Book Luxury Boat, including its officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries, or affiliates, shall not be held accountable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages resulting from or connected to the use, availability, or unavailability of the Services. This encompasses but is not limited to changes in availability or details of boat rentals advertised or booked through the Services, or any loss or damage you might incur, including due to:

  • Dependence on the completeness, accuracy, or existence of any advertisements, or as a result of any interaction or transaction with advertisers or sponsors appearing on the Services.
  • Any modifications Book Luxury Boat makes to the Services, or if the Services are temporarily or permanently discontinued.
  • Your failure to provide Book Luxury Boat with precise account details.
  • Your inability to secure your account details or password.

Furthermore, Book Luxury Boat is not liable for any bodily injury, death, or property damage resulting from boating accidents related to reservations made through Book Luxury Boat’s Services. This stipulation acknowledges that Book Luxury Boat does not engage in boat rental agreements directly and is not responsible for any incidents occurring during or related to a boat rental. All bookings and rentals are conducted at the sole risk of the Renters and Members involved.

If Book Luxury Boat is found liable for any reason, its total liability under or related to these Terms or the Services will not exceed the greater of the service fees paid by you to Book Luxury Boat for the use of the Services, or One-Hundred Dollars (US$100.00), whichever is greater. The applicability of these limitations may vary depending on local laws.

Indemnification Agreement

In the event of a dispute between a Renter and a Member, both parties agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Book Luxury Boat and its directors, officers, employees, and agents from any claims, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses, including legal fees, arising from such disputes. This includes disputes over breach of this agreement, any separate agreements, or transactions, and the substitution of rental units. Additionally, Members and Renters agree to indemnify Book Luxury Boat from any claims resulting from their breach of the Terms, violation of any law or third-party rights, or use of the Services. It is acknowledged that Book Luxury Boat is not obligated to mediate or resolve disputes between users unless explicitly stated in these Terms of Use.

Exclusive Content

The Services host exclusive content, including logos, text, software, photographs, videos, graphics, music, and sound, all of which are owned or licensed by Book Luxury Boat, along with all intellectual property rights therein, such as copyrights and trademarks. You are prohibited from uploading, downloading, distributing, or reproducing any of this proprietary content without Book Luxury Boat’s explicit prior permission. However, you are allowed to make limited copies of your booking documents (and related documents) for boat rentals facilitated through the Services.

Feedback and Unsolicited Ideas

Occasionally, users may offer suggestions, ideas, or feedback about our business, including new or improved products, enhancements, processes, materials, marketing strategies, or product names. While we appreciate this input, we do not seek out such suggestions and are not obliged to consider or review them. Should you decide to submit any ideas, artwork, suggestions, or other contributions to us, irrespective of your comments accompanying these submissions, the following conditions will apply. This policy aims to prevent potential misunderstandings or disputes if any aspects of our offerings resemble your submissions.

By submitting any ideas or material to us, you agree that (1) we have the freedom to use, share, or modify your submissions for any purpose without compensating you, (2) we are not required to assess your submission, and (3) we are not obliged to maintain the confidentiality of any submission.

Anti-Spam Policy

Spam, spyware, or spoofing activities are strictly prohibited by Book Luxury Boat and its community. The use of our platform to send spam or content that breaches our Terms is not permitted.

Third-Party Links

Our Services may include links to external websites, social media platforms, or other online services not operated by Book Luxury Boat (“Third-Party Websites”). These links are provided for informational purposes only and do not signify endorsement of any products, services, or materials offered on Third-Party Websites, nor an affiliation with their sponsors or operators. Accessing these Third-Party Websites is at your own risk. Book Luxury Boat is not liable for the content, accuracy, or opinions expressed on these websites, nor for the quality of the products or services provided by them. These third-party sites and services are not governed by our Terms.

Identity Confirmation Challenges

Verifying user identities online presents significant challenges, and Book Luxury Boat cannot take on the responsibility for validating the claimed identities of Renters or Members. However, you acknowledge that you may be required to provide satisfactory proof of identity upon our or a Member’s reasonable request when booking a rental.

You commit to (i) maintaining the security and confidentiality of your passwords and user IDs for both your Book Luxury Boat and email accounts, (ii) promptly informing us and updating your user ID and password if you suspect they have been compromised, and (iii) alerting us immediately if anyone seeks your login details. Sharing access to your Book Luxury Boat or email account login credentials is strongly discouraged. Nevertheless, should you choose to share your login information or fail to protect it, you bear full responsibility for all actions taken through your Book Luxury Boat or email accounts, including unauthorized or unintended transactions.

Reserved Rights

Book Luxury Boat reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the yacht at any time prior to departure for reasons of serious damage to yachts, hostilities, civil strife, strikes, threats of war, terrorist activities or any other reasons amounting to “force majeure”. In these eventualities, Book Luxury Boat will endeavour to give as much notice as possible and refund all monies paid less than 15% of the charter fee. We can make alterations to a booking and substitute services or yachts if required. In the event of such alterations, we will endeavour to give the client as much notice as possible and to arrange for comparable services or yachts. Any alterations do not entitle clients to cancel the charter.

No refunds will be awarded to no-shows.

Replacement of Reserved Watercraft

Renters understand that reserved boats or watercraft may occasionally suffer damage or require repairs before the start of a reservation. Should a Member be unable to provide the originally reserved unit, they may offer the Renter a substitute that closely matches the original in terms of age, size, model, and value. The Member is obligated to inform the Renter about the need for a substitution as early as possible and, upon request, supply images and details of the alternate unit. If the Member cannot offer a comparable replacement, the Renter has the option to cancel the reservation before it begins and receive a refund as outlined in our Refund Policy, as though the Member had cancelled. No refund will be issued if the Renter declines a comparable substitute offered by the Member and chooses to cancel or terminate the reservation. Book Luxury Boat reserves the right to make the final decision in any dispute over the similarity of a substitute unit to the original reservation, and both Renter and Member agree to accept Book Luxury Boat’s decision.

Financial Transactions Outside the Platform

Any direct or indirect financial exchanges between Renters and Members outside of the Book Luxury Boat payment system are strictly prohibited and constitute a breach of these Terms.

Taxation on Rentals

Rental fees and any additional charges may be subject to relevant local, state, and federal taxes. Starting from the effective date mentioned earlier, Book Luxury Boat will begin to collect all necessary taxes required by law from Renters in certain locations as we implement our tax collection and reporting system. These taxes are imposed on the rental and additional fees payable through our Services. In jurisdictions where Book Luxury Boat does not collect taxes directly, it is the Member’s duty to handle such tax collection and remittance. Members should not request additional tax payments from Renters on amounts Book Luxury Boat has already collected. The tax amount to be collected will be determined based on the Member’s provided zip code unless notified otherwise by the Member. Should a location change result in higher applicable taxes, the additional amount will be charged to the Renter’s credit card.

Members are responsible for collecting and remitting any taxes not handled by Book Luxury Boat and should seek advice from legal or tax professionals regarding specific tax obligations. For Members in the European Union, it is essential to include VAT in the booking price and ensure VAT reporting compliance.

Damage Deposit

When chartering a boat, you are liable for any damage to the yacht, its equipment or third-party damage. Assessment of the damage will be made and deducted from the security deposit paid at the beginning of the charter. We will take reasonable steps on your behalf to arrange for the balance of the deposit to be returned to you as soon as possible after the charter and usually within 28 days. However, should damage be caused as a result of wilful negligence by a client or as a result of not obeying our instructions, then you will be liable for the full amount or replacement. Adults will at all times be responsible for the actions of minors in their charge.

Credit Cards

Customers choosing to use credit cards may be subject to a credit card handling fee, depending on the card type and currency. You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account.

If you use a credit card to pay for any part of your charter, you agree that in the event of a dispute, the claim will be under CA jurisdiction using the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process. As per our Terms and Conditions, you revoke your right to reverse or cancel the payment made using your credit card, you also revoke your right to issue a charge back through your credit card for any part of the payment.

Failure to supply the correct credit or debit card billing address information and/or cardholder details may result in delays to the completion of your charter reservation and risks of losing the yacht charter booking. Please ensure that the details you give match those on your credit card billing statement. We also reserve the right to cancel a booking after an issue if payment is declined or incorrect cardholder details and billing information have been supplied. Further, in an effort to minimise the effects of credit card fraud, we reserve the right to carry out random checks and may request you to either fax or post to us proof of your address and a copy of the credit card and recent statement before issuing any documents.

Cancellation by Owner

Please note that transaction fees are non-refundable. Book Luxury Boat imposes a fee for cancellations made after a booking agreement has been confirmed between both parties. The cancellation fee structure is as follows:

  • For rentals under $100: A $5 fee applies.
  • For rentals between $100 and $249: A $20 fee applies.
  • For rentals over $250: A $50 fee applies.

Members will incur these cancellation fees, which will be deducted from their next successful rental payment processed through Book Luxury Boat. Renters must adhere to the cancellation policies detailed in each listing. Should a Member cancel a booking for reasons unrelated to weather or safety concerns affecting the Renter, that Member will be responsible for paying the transaction fee for the rental.

Exemption for Force Majeure Events

Book Luxury Boat will not be held responsible for any delays or failures in fulfilling any bookings, services, or obligations if such issues arise from unforeseeable events beyond human control. These may include natural disasters, civil unrest, hijackings, governmental actions, legal seizures, adverse weather conditions, unavailability of fuel or parts, mechanical failures, crew illnesses, or any other circumstances that are outside of Book Luxury Boat’s control. Users hereby absolve Book Luxury Boat of any claims for direct or indirect damages resulting from such force majeure circumstances.

Clause on Severability

Should any part of these Terms be deemed invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, this will not affect the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions. The remaining clauses will continue to be valid and enforceable, interpreted as closely as possible to the original intentions of the unenforceable provision.


Policy on Chargebacks

If a Renter disputes any charge, they must first provide Book Luxury Boat with a comprehensive written explanation of the dispute within fourteen (14) days of the charge, prior to initiating a chargeback with their credit card issuer. Failure to notify us within the stipulated timeframe will invalidate any claim or dispute. Upon request from Book Luxury Boat, Renters are required to furnish further written details or documentation to support their dispute. Renters agree not to challenge valid charges made in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Members acknowledge that Book Luxury Boat serves as an intermediary for booking and payment transactions between Renters and Members, with Members bearing the risk associated with rental payments. If a Renter successfully issues a chargeback against Book Luxury Boat for any reason, and Book Luxury Boat has already transferred any portion of the disputed amount to the Member, then the Member is obligated to promptly (within five days of receiving the demand) repay the full disputed amount to Book Luxury Boat.

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

Alcohol consumption: while the vessel crew wants all their guests to have a good time and enjoy a drink under the sun, disruptive intoxication, and aggressive and/or disrespectful behaviour are not tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse to board any altered/intoxicated guest that might pose a risk to the safety and integrity of our guests, crew or our property.

All vessels have a zero-tolerance policy against illicit substances.

Harassment Policy

Book Luxury Boat is committed to providing a work environment in which all workers are treated with respect and dignity. Workplace harassment will not be tolerated by any person in the workplace (including customers, clients, other employers, supervisors, workers and members of the public, as applicable).

Workplace harassment means engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct against a worker that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome or sexual harassment.

We reserve the right to terminate the charter instantly in case of such an event.

These terms are subject to change at Book Luxury Boat’s discretion and are updated regularly. The most current terms apply to your charter.

Comprehensive Agreement

This document, including the Terms of Use, embodies the full agreement between you and Book Luxury Boat regarding our services and any related topics, superseding all prior discussions, understandings, and agreements, whether oral or written.

Termination Policy

Book Luxury Boat reserves the right to warn, suspend (temporarily or indefinitely), or terminate your access to any part of our services if the Terms are violated, or for any reason at our discretion.

Impartiality Clause

Book Luxury Boat does not favor any member over another nor advises users on which member to choose for their rentals. Comments or reviews on our platform are the personal opinions of our users and do not reflect our endorsement unless explicitly stated.

Independent Association

Your interaction with Book Luxury Boat does not establish any form of partnership, joint venture, employment, or agency relationship.

Dispute Notification

Should any disputes arise related to the Terms or our services, you must notify Book Luxury Boat in writing within 30 days of the incident. Failure to report within this timeframe relinquishes your right to claim.


For any inquiries or feedback concerning this Agreement or our services, please reach out to us directly.

Book Luxury Boat reserves all rights not explicitly granted in this agreement.


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