Frequently Asked Questions

are prices on your website are on hourly basis?

Yes! All prices on our website is hourly basis.

What is included in a private charter?

We would like to provide you with a brief overview of what is included in the private yacht charter hourly rate.

We believe that transparency is key in ensuring that you have the best experience possible on our yacht rental.

Please find the details below:
* Rental cost of the yacht
* Port fees
* Organizing the yacht and cleaning it properly on the day of the trip
* Sailing for your desired hours
* Professional surround sound Bluetooth sound system to complement your music style
* No Captain fees
* No Fuel charge
* No Docking fees
* No hostess fees.
* No plugin fees
* No food landing fees.
* No cleaning fees
* Smoking and drinking is allowed
* Boat you will board at Harborfront, Downtown Toronto.
* We can help you in decor as well that will be separate.
* You have to bring your own Glassware, cups, plates, and napkins for drinks and specialty beverages.
* You can bring your own cutlery, food or drinks or we can arrange that for you as well.
* 24 hours before your trip, you will receive all the notifications, including your captain’s number and the number of the boarding hostess service staff.
* You will also get a hostess butler service to help you serve drinks and food and clean up while you enjoy your time on the yacht.
* We hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What kind of yacht charter packages do you offer?

Various packages are available, including options for birthdays, corporate events, family outings, and more, each customizable to your needs. Check all our Yacht Charter Packages in Toronto.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Book luxury Boat accepts Interac, eTransfer and cash. Credit card payments are only available through online bookings.

How much is the deposit?

Usually its 30% of total rental cost. Details on the deposit requirements can be found in the charter agreement or by contacting customer service.

Online booking or with you ?

Certainly! Booking online is often the quickest and most convenient method. If you prefer assistance with the booking process, we are ready to help. To proceed with the booking, the following details are required for invoicing:
1. The number of individuals attending the event or using the boat.
2. The duration for which you intend to rent the boat (e.g., hours, days).
3. The approximate date range for the rental.
Once we have these details, we can initiate the booking process and ensure that the finance team sends you an invoice containing all the necessary details for your booking time, date, and yacht specifics.

Is the online booking site secure?

We use one of the most trusted credit card processing partners to handle all credit card information. We are compliant with the strictest PCI requirements for handling payment information, so rest assured that your transaction is safe and secure.

What are the next steps after I make my booking online?What are the next steps after I make my booking online?

After booking online, you will receive a confirmation and any necessary charter agreement to sign on your email. Be sure to review these details and prepare for your yacht experience.

Where will we go on the Boat?

Depending on the length of the tour, we like to cross the harbor and take a leisurely cruise through the picturesque channels of the Toronto Islands. From there we leave the harbor, head towards Ontario Place and out into Lake Ontario. As we re-enter the harbor, you will enjoy unique views of the city skyline. If the seas are too rough, we will not subject our guest to the swells, and we’ll stay in the sheltered harbor (where there is still plenty to explore). While onboard, please consult with us  for the best options.

What should we bring?

First of all, a great attitude is required before getting on board. Remember that you’re about to head out for a few hours with great friends in a unique setting. In addition, consider bringing along the essentials listed below:


  • sunglasses
  • beverages of your choice (preferably in cans, they cool faster and don’t tip over as easy)
  • snacks
  • cups, plates, napkins and cutlery
  • ice and a cooler to put it all in

Temperatures are usually a few degrees cooler on the water than on shore, so dress appropriately. If you do feel chilled or hot, the cabin below is heated/air conditioned and offers respite from the outdoors. ​Temperatures on Lake Ontario are very unpredictable. While the temperature at the dock might be 28 degrees celsius, two miles offshore it could be in the low 20’s. This is especially true in May and September. Soft soled shoes, such as tennis shoes or deck shoes are extremely important. Hard soled shoes will scratch and leave displeasing marks on the boat deck that are hard to remove.

If anyone in your group is prone to sea sickness, it may be a good idea to bring anti-nausea medication.

For those who would like to go for a swim, remember to bring a swimsuit.

Is fridge available on the yacht? So I could stock my beverages!

Yes.  We do but its small. We always recommend to bring your own cooler as well. So that you can move it and store all your drinks at one place only.

Why choose us?

Book Luxury Boat stands out due to its commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and offering a luxurious, well-maintained fleet of yachts at competitive prices. Read our Reviews…

Can you give me a special price?

Special pricing may be available depending on the date, duration, and specifics of the booking. Inquire directly for any discounts or promotions.

Can we get boat before the time like one hour before to decorate it with balloons ?

If we don’t have any bookings then No problem.

But if we have any bookings than boat will be there at the time of boarding and you can do the decor at the time of boarding only because we cant stand there for too long for all the customers because the waves come and it push the boat towards the wall and it damages the boat so we are not allowed to dock their for too long.

Can I bring my own food and beverages on board?

Guests can bring their own food and beverages for the charter. If you wish to have food prepared and delivered to the yacht, please inform us in advance and we would be happy to coordinate catering. We can even arrange for a chef to come aboard to prepare a meal during the charter.

How does the bring my food work?

You’re welcome to bring your own food, and the crew can assist with setup and serving. Refrigeration and a BBQ are available for use.

Can I wear shoes on the yacht?

Shoes are not allowed on the yacht to preserve the quality of the special anti-slip flooring. Shoes will be securely stored during your time aboard.

Who will be there on the yacht?

A professional captain, a first mate/server will be on board to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey and your guests.

Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are permitted on some, but not all boats. Please consult with one of our representatives to verify the specific pet policy for each boat through your event coordinator.

Does your website take the tip for your staff?

Yes! Tipping is the best way to encourage our team which help you to have a good time out on water without any hassle. Typically between 10-20% of the charter cost, reflecting the quality of service provided.

If you forgot to give tip on your special day you can do it now tip here

Are children permitted on board?

Chartering a yacht makes for an excellent family activity for both children and adults. While the crew is there to look out for everyone’s safety, please remember that you are responsible for minding your children. We recommend that you bring childcare along if you wish to truly relax on board. Children will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times while on the outdoor deck.

Is there a BBQ for guests to use?

 BBQ is available . Please speak to our reservation team for more details. 

What are dos and don’ts?

Do bring essentials, use provided amenities and follow safety guidelines. Don’t bring red wine, high heels, or sharp objects that could damage the yacht.

Is there an Instagram account I can send my idea to?

Yes, you can send ideas or inquiries to their Instagram handle @book_luxury_boat

What are some Decorating packages? Or can I get to decorate it myself?

Decorating services are available ranging from $300-$500. You can also decorate yourself; the crew will assist and allow early boarding for setup. Check our our decoration service for yacht.

If I want a private chef, how much is that?

Hiring a private chef ranges from $599 to $899 per session. An additional bartender is available for $199. Note that these costs cover only the service; the cost of ingredients will vary depending on the menu and the number of guests.

Is there parking available?

Parking is available near the pickup location, including municipal street parking and paid parking lots.

What will be the pickup spot?

The pickup spot is located at the downtown harbor front. We have various docks in the downtown area for different categories of boats. Complete details will be provided once your booking is confirmed.

Is there any dress code?

There’s no strict dress code, but comfortable and yacht-appropriate clothing, such as soft-soled shoes, is recommended.

Can you decorate the boat for our event?

Decor package could be $499-$799 depending on the boat and occasion and the event type. Check our Decor Service…

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