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Toronto Yacht Charter Package

Dive into our diverse charter experiences, perfect for any celebration – be it a joyful outing with family and friends, a birthday blast, or a memorable bachelor/bachelorette party. Corporate events too get a touch of magic! Pick your package below or reach out for the scoop on our thrilling yachting adventures and services!

Birthday Party on Boat
Our spacious and comfortable boats are the perfect venue for your birthday celebration on the water.
Bachelorette Party on Boat
Enjoy memorable yacht parties with our full kitchen, luxurious lounge, and dance floor.
Private Family Time on boat
Rent our boats to explore Toronto's waterfront, enjoy skyline views, and have fun with amenities.
Wedding & Reception
Book your Toronto wedding cruise today for a magical day beyond your expectations with us.
Proposal on Luxury Yacht
Plan a memorable proposal on our boat, complete with romantic settings and attentive, personalized service.
Baby Shower on Boat
Host a unique baby shower on our boat with customized decor, catering, and joyful ambiance.
Corporate Events
Host corporate events on our boats with Wi-Fi, AV equipment, catering, and professional crew support.
Team Building on Boat
Strengthen team bonds with our boat's team-building activities, comfortable amenities, and inspiring surroundings.
themed Yacht parties
Experience unforgettable themed parties on our boat, tailored with creative decor, music, and catering options.
Business Launch Event
Launch your product on our boat, ensuring impactful presentation, luxury setting, and comprehensive amenities.
Celebrate Graduation
Celebrate graduation on our boat with festive decor, catering, and an unforgettable backdrop for memories.
Concert and Performances
Host concerts and performances on our boat, featuring state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and ambiance.

Speedboat For Rent in Toronto

Yacht Rental

Onboard Services For You

We provide various services to complete a successful event without any hassle. Checkout our services that we provide with boat rental.

Catering Service

You can bring your own food and drinks or choose from Our menu selection, prepared fresh Plated or Buffet Style to ensure the quality and freshness is presented to your guest.

Professional Crew

 A professionally trained captain, certified by Transport Canada. Trained & attentive servers to cater to you while onboard.

Yacht Decoration

We can arrange for everything to be in theme including the invitations, décor, music, and party favours.

Bar & Bartender

Our bartender service offers professional and experienced bartenders for your event. Let us take care of the drinks, so you can focus on your guests and enjoy your party.

Professional DJ Music

Our DJ music service provides professional and experienced DJs for your event. With a wide range of music genres to choose from, we’ll keep your guests entertained.


Our photographer service offers professional and experienced photographers to capture the special moments of your event. With high-quality photos, you can relive the memories for years to come.

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Get best boat rental services in Toronto. Just come and enjoy your best day with us.

Explore toronto's stunning waterfront like never before with our premium boat and yacht rentals! ⛵🌊 whether you're planning a relaxing day on the water, a glamorous yacht party, or an unforgettable adventure with friends, we've got you covered. Book now and let's set sail for an experience you'll never forget! Book luxury boat 

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Dive into a world of endless possibilities on the water! 🚤🎉 with our versatile boat rentals in toronto, the stage is set for every celebration imaginable. From epic bachelor parties to elegant weddings, lively birthday bashes to professional corporate events, we've got the vessel and expertise to make your vision a reality. Let's embark on your next unforgettable adventure together! @bookluxuryboats 

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Experience the magic of toronto's waterfront with our exclusive boat rentals! 🌊⛵ whether you're seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind, our fleet of boats offers something for everyone. From solo explorations to group outings, embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation. Book now and let the waves carry you away! Book luxury boat 

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Set sail on a romantic rendezvous for two! 💑⛵ escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on a private journey along toronto's enchanting waterfront. With our cozy boat rentals, you and your loved one can enjoy an intimate date night under the stars. Book now and let's create an evening of love, laughter, and lasting memories! Book luxury boat 

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Turn your next boat party into a yacht extravaganza in toronto! 🚤🎉 elevate your celebrations with our luxurious yacht rentals, where every moment is bathed in glamour and excitement. Whether it's a birthday bash, bachelor(ette) party, or corporate event, we've got the vessel and vibes to make it legendary. Book now and let's sail into an unforgettable party experience! Book luxury boat 

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Set the stage for a proposal as extraordinary as your love story! 💍⛵ ignite the spark aboard our luxurious yacht rentals in toronto, surrounded by the glimmering city lights and gentle waves. With every detail meticulously arranged, let us elevate your moment into a cherished memory. Book now and let's embark on this unforgettable journey together! Book luxury boat 

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Seal your love with a proposal as unforgettable as your journey together! 💍⛵ let the enchanting toronto skyline be the backdrop to your romantic moment aboard our boat rentals. With personalized touches and breathtaking views, we'll help you create the perfect setting to pop the question. Book now and let's make your proposal a story to cherish forever! #torontoproposalonwater #sailintoforever  #weekendgetaway 
book luxury boat 

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Turn any occasion into an adventure on the water! 🌊⛵ from intimate gatherings to large celebrations, our boat rentals in toronto provide the perfect backdrop for your event. With our experienced crew and catering services, all you need to do is bring your guests and let the festivities begin. Book now and let's set sail on your next unforgettable experience! #torontoeventsonwater #sailandcelebrate #memorablemoments 
book luxury boat 

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Have More Questions?

We love to answer your questions. feel free to contact us.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Toronto?

In Toronto, you can begin your yacht rental adventure from as little as $200 per hour, whether you’re looking for a motor or sailing yacht. For those seeking a touch of luxury, prices can rise to above $500 per hour, especially if you opt for a luxury motor yacht complete with a captain and crew to ensure your voyage is as effortless as it is memorable.

What is included in a private charter?

We would like to provide you with a brief overview of what is included in the private yacht charter hourly rate.

We believe that transparency is key in ensuring that you have the best experience possible on our yacht rental.

Please find the details below:
* Rental cost of the yacht
* Port fees
* Organizing the yacht and cleaning it properly on the day of the trip
* Sailing for your desired hours
* Professional surround sound Bluetooth sound system to complement your music style
* No Captain fees
* No Fuel charge
* No Docking fees
* No hostess fees.
* No plugin fees
* No food landing fees.
* No cleaning fees
* Smoking and drinking is allowed
* Boat you will board at Harborfront, Downtown Toronto.
* We can help you in decor as well that will be separate.
* You have to bring your own Glassware, cups, plates, and napkins for drinks and specialty beverages.
* You can bring your own cutlery, food or drinks or we can arrange that for you as well.
* 24 hours before your trip, you will receive all the notifications, including your captain’s number and the number of the boarding hostess service staff.
* You will also get a hostess butler service to help you serve drinks and food and clean up while you enjoy your time on the yacht.
* We hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Are prices on your website are on hourly basis?

Yes! All prices on our website is hourly basis.

Can I bring my own food and alcohol on board?

Guests can bring their own food and beverages for the charter. If you wish to have food prepared and delivered to the yacht, please inform us in advance and we would be happy to coordinate catering. We can even arrange for a chef to come aboard to prepare a meal during the charter.

Where will we go on the Boat?

Depending on the length of the tour, we like to cross the harbor and take a leisurely cruise through the picturesque channels of the Toronto Islands. From there we leave the harbor, head towards Ontario Place and out into Lake Ontario. As we re-enter the harbor, you will enjoy unique views of the city skyline. If the seas are too rough, we will not subject our guest to the swells, and we’ll stay in the sheltered harbor (where there is still plenty to explore). While onboard, please consult with us  for the best options.

Can you live on a boat in Toronto?

Living on a boat has emerged as a charming alternative for those looking to dodge the steep prices of rent and property purchases. For those not quite ready to take the plunge into full-time boat living, there’s also the option to rent boats for longer stretches. This way, you can savor the unique experience of spending nights on the water without the long-term commitment.

Where can I fish for salmon in Toronto?

Embark on a fishing charter from Toronto, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of Lake Ontario’s rich salmon waters. The lake is home to species like Chinook and Coho, and if you venture to the nearby rivers, you might even come across the elusive Atlantic Salmon.

Can you fish on Toronto Island?

On Toronto Island, fishing is a go-ahead activity where you’re likely to reel in a variety of fish, including northern pike, largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, and carp. It’s a fisherman’s delight, offering a rich bounty of species to catch.

Is there a BBQ for guests to use?

 BBQ is available . Please speak to our reservation team for more details. 

Is the online booking site secure?

We use one of the most trusted credit card processing partners to handle all credit card information. We are compliant with the strictest PCI requirements for handling payment information, so rest assured that your transaction is safe and secure.

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